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You look internally for your own guidance. You are many things and play many more roles than most people will ever know. As a creative entrepreneur, you are a risk taker within the bounds of your stated Corporate Mission. Ideally, your employees are aligned with your mission and goals for the business.

Sometimes, this is not the case!

As the boss you are aware that you are much, much more than most will ever even see. There is always within you the knowledge that you are limitless. Your real security isn’t in the product or the service; it is in your mind. You have a great compassion for all your employees and a real desire that you can build the team to a high order of performance and personal satisfaction.

Let me help you communicate more effecctively with your employees and help align them with your company mission.

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Who is Robert Reid?

CEO and Co-Founder of Life Works, a company based in Eugene, OR specializing in Life and Relationship Coaching, Hypnotherapy, Business Coaching and Hypnotherapy Certification.

Robert coaches businesses on effectively communicating with employees and aligning their personal intents with the corporate mission. Robert occasionally consults in legal disputes for businesses.

He is a Master Teacher, Quantum Hypnotherapist, Meridian Therapist, and Certified Life and Relationship Coach for singles and couples. Robert has been practicing hypnotherapy since he was a teenager. He is a Certified Quantum Hypnotherapist. He is also a Certified Hypnotherapist, and a Certified Instructor by The National Guild of Hypnotists.

Education and Business Experience

Robert has a Degree in Theoretical Physics from the University of Massachusetts [June 1964] and several years of graduate studies in related fields of science and business. While maintaining his interest in people, business management and hypnotherapy, he also had a 35-year career at the cutting edge of management and strategic planning in the aerospace and electronics technology development industry. He is a recognized expert in business planning and development, acquisition and divestiture and has been a guest speaker on the subject in many forums. He has provided expert testimony and written legislative language on Alternative Energy (Solar) Resources for the US Congress.

Robert has served as a member of several Boards of Directors. He was elected to Who’s Who of American Business Leaders in 1991, and was elected as a lifetime member to Who’s Who Worldwide in April 1994.


• Expert Listener

• Review mission and goals

• Strategic Review & Planning.
As easy as 1, 2, 3!

• Assess employee’s alignment
to Company Mission

• Coaching CEO and top management

• Develop skills in employees for setting
intents aligned with the Company's Mission

• Guidance through Local, State, and Federal
Government’s Compliance Regulations

• Legal research and support

Robert served as President for two years and as Vice President of Finance for Two Years on the Board of Directors of the American Management Association, of a Northern California Chapter. He spent 5 years as CFO/Treasurer for The Gardens, a Corporation with $85 Million in assets and operating budget. He was successful in leading a team of experts in a significant litigation effort. Robert has served as President of C&R Analytical Services, Inc, a Massachusetts Corporation involved in software development, and for diversity of experience, as Vice President of Operations for Hall-O-Graphics and Art, a Detroit Company producing and selling fine art originals.

He has also practiced his business expertise at The MIT Lincoln Laboratory, AVCO Research and Advanced Development Corporation, The Raytheon Company, Ford Aerospace & Communications Corporation and Loral Aerospace Corporation [managing large Research and Development budgets as a Strategic Planner]. He retired in July 1994 from Lockheed Martin Corp.


Effective Communication
Gets The Job Done!