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- Use Mind Power.

- Eliminate Stress

- Make better test scores.

- Free yourself from tension.

- Enjoy greater energy & vitality.

- Control aspects of physical pain*.

- Eliminate addictive and compulsive behaviors.

- Regression Therapy*, find Root Causes.

- Hypnotherapist Certification classes three times yearly.
* We are not doctors and do not "diagnose illness, prescribe medicines nor treat undiagnosed medical conditions".
We can work with referrals from Doctors.

We are accredited members of the National Guild of Hypnotists and the Oregon Hypnotherapy Association


A great tool you will learn and can use for a lifetime! This technique, developed by Gary Craig of California, has taken the world of Energy Psychology by storm!

EFT is still, in our opinion, the most direct and most effective energy tapping technique around to facilitate quick and long lasting relief from many phobias, addictive behaviors, intrusive thought patterns, and pain management.

This new therapeutic energy technique is used to help free you from conditioned responses to your world.
A few of its applications include:

• Lose weight

• Stop smoking

• Reduce cravings

• Stress Reduction

• Eliminate phobias

• Gain self-confidence

Learn the technique as a client or at EFT workshops
which are offered regularly.


There are as many definitions as there are questions asked. For instance, hypnosis va beach is an altered state of consciousness, being in trance, losing track of time. There is highway hypnosis, TV trance, reading, and it goes on and on. For the purpose of using the power of the mind to get the results YOU want, we can use the definition provided by The US Department of Education!

1. Hypnosis is the bypass of the critical factor of the conscious mind. [The analytical part of the mind].

2. The establishment of acceptable, selective thinking, thoughts, ideas and concepts that YOU want to have in YOUR life.

Hypnosis is a different, natural state of mind and is not sleep!


Let's use the definition provided by the
National Guild of Hypnotists (NGH).
A. Hypnotherapy - (which hypnotherapists do do) means the use of trance and suggestion to improve general self-control and maintain a positive mental attitude.

B. Psychotherapy - (which hypnotherapists do not do) means the diagnosis and conversational treatment of a diagnosed mental disease.


National Guild of Hypnotists

Oregon Hypnotherapy Asociation