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Life Works Where Shift Happens


Learn specific, useful tools that help clarify, define
and expand your dreams, perceptions and actions.

"Nothing happens without ACTION!"

• Learn to manage stress, anger and sadness.

• Free yourself for love!

• Eliminate procrastination!

• Learn to say no!

• Free yourself from the conditioning
of childhood memories.

7 billion people on the planet.
What a great resource of uniqueness and diversity!


Singles, couples, teens, young adults, public speakers, professionals and seniors.

If you have lost confidence, are in the doldrums or are stuck and don't know where to turn - no matter what the situation - individuals, couples, families and business leaders can and have made progress fast from seemingly dead end situations.

I work with Businesses as a coach for Strategic Planning Reviews. We also work with individuals, couples and families for Strategic Planning Reviews of their lives and relationships. If you feel disorganized and stressed out and think that others have a more successful and happier life, then you need a coach.

If you are going through a difficult personal time like a divorce, financial problems, can't get organized, looking for a new job or just want to get back to having fun in life, then a coach can be of vital support in helping you resolve these difficulties in an honest and timely manner.


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Beautiful Relationships Last
With Honest and Timely Communication



Strengthen relationships by learning how successful ones really work. Learn state of the art tools and practices with your spouse, significant other, family, friends and business partners.


• Identifying and changing conditioned
patterns of behavior.

• Teaching how to live life with your own
intent and risking full expression.

• Teaching you to discern genuine
quality and not to settle for less!

• Create successful relationships!

• Reveal your dreams and understand
what you want most.

• Develop a plan for your lives.